The most advanced water treatment, it’s crystal clear.

Once again, Idegis has developed a new concept in swimming pool water treatment, improving quality, avoiding handling and storage of dangerous chemical products and simplifying the general maintenance of swimming pools by offering a safe and completely automatic treatment system.

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The most advanced water treatment technology, salt water electrolisis is also available for commercial swimming pools.

Our water-treatment technologies are increasingly used in spas, hotels, public swimming pools and sports centres thanks, above all, to their cost-effectiveness. They eliminate risks, optimise resources and offer increased quality to users.

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Keep your pool under control safely, economically and effectively.

Our pH|ORP|CHLORINE range of controllers now lets you control the sanitisation of your pool water safely and effectively. The 200 and 300 Series controllers have been designed to meet the specific needs involved in the chemical and sanitisation control of pools, both private and commercial

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