Constant and interactive graphics

Poolstation® take all measures data every 7 minutes thanks to its interface may filter between the measure and the setpoint, zoom to see a particular time range and recommendation of suitable measures for water. Furthermore you can also export these data in CSV, XLS, SVG, PNG, JPG and PDF format.

Record all actions.

Poolstation® records each and every one of the actions taken in their Poolstation® whether the change has been from the web as if it has been since the machine physically. Know at all times when chlorine dosing began when an alarm occurred or who change the parameters of the machine among other things. The perfect tool to detect problems and service.

Adjust your devices based on the hours of sun.

Poolstation® is able to activate or deactivate the elements that are connected according to the daylight hours there in the area where you live. Thanks to Twilight programmer you can turn your garden lights after dark or off watering when this dawning. This automatically without you worry about anything.

4-20mA inouts ready for any sensor.

With 2 analog inputs 4-20mA which has Poolstation® you can connect any sensor that works with 4-20mA as temperature sensors, pressure, humidity, turbidity etc. It also has 4 digital inputs in which you will be informed immediately by email the status of your level sensors, flood or intrusion among many other things.

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