High technology, Ultraviolet desinfection

Gain in Quality and Health

Increases the quality and fortifies the well-being of your swimming pool More efficient disinfection, better water quality, better bathing conditions, reduces irritation in skin, nose and eyes Complies with current health regulations.

Invest in Safety

  • Allows you to treat 100% of the water in your pool.
  • Obtain disinfected water without smells or eye irritation, thanks to the drastic reduction in chloramines.
  • The system is environmentally friendly, because:

          - Less water has to be added (saving daily addition of water and heating energy).

          - Fewer residual by-products are formed in the water and environment.

          - The UV-C equipment does not add chemical products to the water.

The IDEGIS system guarantees the sanitisation of the water

Our version (LP+) with pH/ORP control allows us to measure the oxidative capacity of the water, and therefore its capacity to destroy organic material and micro-organisms, on a mV scale .