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Treatment systems for private pools

We are pleased to present our range of systems for private pools. We have models to suit everyone, like the TECNO series, specially designed for use in pump houses, or the DOMOTIC series, a complete family of models which can be integrated into a Domotic network. And now, with the novelty of the Low Salinity (LS) DOMOTIC System and the revolutionary Neolysis® technology. Once more, Idegis has developed a new concept in swimming pool water treatment, improving its quality, avoiding the handling and storage of dangerous chemical products and simplifying the general maintenance of swimming pools, by offering a safe and completely automatic treatment system. The systems offer the most advanced technology, providing savings and safety in pool-water treatment.

The widest range of treatment

solutions for private pools on the


IDEGIS undoubtedly offers the most complete water treatment

solution for private pools, integrating a range

of technologies from conventional salt-water electrolysis

to low-salinity salt-water electrolysis,

ultraviolet radiation treatment and Neolysis®.

Selection Guide

use the following guide to select the water treatment

option best suited to your requirements.

Please feel free to contact our sales department

if you have any questions or require further information.

You will also find more details in the product section.

Throughout the range ...
  • Self-cleaning cells.
  • ABS control panel case.
  • PUMP STOP safety function in models with integrated pH controllers.
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