The most advanced water treatment is also available for commercial pools

Treatment systems for commercial pools

Our salt-water technology is increasingly being used in spas, hotels, public swimming pools and sports centres thanks, above all, to its cost-effectiveness. It eliminates risks, optimises resources and offers increased quality to users.

A whole world of advantages

All of our salt-water electrolysis products are equipped with our TWIN CELL SYSTEM self-cleaning cells. In addition, their compatibility with our Poolstation platform gives maintenance personnel complete control over the treatment systems from any mobile device (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) from anywhere in the world.

Custom design

to meet the needs of any large-scale installation such as water parks, aquariums, garden pools and ornamental fountains. Our range of industrial models also allows additional control functions to be incorporated via optional add-ons: pH/ORP (redox) and pH/CHLORINE (ppm)

Selection guide

In the case of public pools, it is essential to select the size of the salt-water electrolysis system by taking into account not just the volume of the pool, but also the maximum number of bathers per day and the climatic conditions (open air, air-conditioned, etc.). The selection guide below will help in deciding the size of the electrolysis unit for a specific installation. Please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department: our staff will quickly suggest the best model for your installation.

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