Low Salt Electrolysis, the ecological treatment from Idegis

Treatment systems for private pools at very low salinity 2 g./l.

The environment benefits from the significant daily water savings, due to the non-production of residual cyanuric acid. Gain in Cost-Effectiveness and Savings Gain by providing a quality service with the maximum guarantees and a responsible use of water. Electrolytic treatment starts with common salt dissolved in the water. The salt only has to be added once, to a concentration of 2g/l. The combined activity of the chlorine and the other agents that are generated destroys organic material and pathogens in the water, then the chlorine recombines to form salt.

A Whole World of Advantages

All of the models of salt-water electrolysis systems that we manufacture are equipped with our self-cleaning TWIN CELL SYSTEM They can also be quickly programmed by the user to operate in standard mode, provided that the analytical parameters of the local water allow it, and this achieves a superior useful life of the set of electrodes.

Ahead of our Time

The IDEGIS Domotic series offers our customers safety and comfort via an “in-house” control kit that allows the pool to be completely controlled from inside the house via an interconnected circuit.

Enjoy the Experience

The use of Low Salt electrolysis treatment systems leads to considerable daily water savings, reduces contamination caused by adding chemical compounds to the water and at the same time extends the life of the pool, guaranteeing the maximum water quality.