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Leader in Natural Water Treatment

The Idegis Salt-Water Electrolysis system is currently considered the benchmark in water treatment for swimming pools. Its progressive success in the marketplace is due to its effectiveness, safety and ease of use, providing a highly cost-effective system.
Pioneers in Spain for R&D&i in advanced electro-chemical systems, Idegis is the preferred option for natural water treatment for your installations.

Company Profile

I.D.ELECTROQUIMICA, S.L. is a company based on a highly-qualified work force with extensive knowledge in the field of Basic and Applied Electrochemistry, obtained via long educational and research experience. Our activities include R&D&i in industrial processes and manufacture and sales of equipment. Since 1991, ID. Electroquimica SL has been regarded as a highly-qualified company in the industrial electrochemical sector. As a result of the company’s R&D activities, several of our processes and products are now widely used in the industry, in such diverse fields as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, waste-water treatment and galvanotechnia..

Experience and Professionalism

This experience has allowed us to successfully undertake the design and manufacture of electrolysis systems for water treatment on both small and large scales (swimming pools, cooling towers, ornamental fountains). Our salt-water electrolysis systems are currently considered a benchmark in the Spanish and international markets.

Water-Saving System

The use of salt-water electrolysis systems achieves considerable daily savings in water consumption (up to 5% of the total volume of the pool), due to the non-generation of residual cyanuric acid (a point to be taken into account when trichlorisocyanuric treatment is used). According to the corresponding Techno-Sanitary Regulations, the concentration of this compound must not exceed 75 g/m³. In addition to the economic advantage associated with the reduction of water consumption, and from an environmental point of view, the use of alternative systems not using trichlorisocyanuric acid (in granules or tablets) is preferable.