New Poolstation version 12 available

Idegis Newsletter April '15

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New Poolstation version available

Now with temperature control and more ...

Now you can connect to your Poolstation any kind of sensor to measure temperature, pressure, turbidity, relative humidity,...
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Discover a world of new applications

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Filter automation
The integration of pressure sensors in Poolstation allows easy automation of the maintenance tasks of the filter.
Temperature control
Now Poolstation will allow to save energy by controlling the temperature of your pool all the time.
Energy efficiency
Poolstation can automatically connect your treatment system only when it is necessary.


... and much more to come

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Fully compatible with standard sensors

Poolstation brings you a world of possibilities of monitoring and control since it is 100% compatible with any 4/20 mA analog sensor.
With Poolstation, the pool at your fingertips, and from any location
Poolstation is an automation platform that allows intuitive and easy control on all functions of the pool and garden elements through any static or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

✓ Outputs: 6 (relay)

✓ Inputs: 2 analog (4/20 mA) / 4 digital
✓ Automatic firmware update over the Internet
✓ Maximum security with proprietary data encryption

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