Neolysis, our most advanced treatment

Sustainability + Disinfection + Innovation + Health

The combination in a single reactor vessel of UV treatment (low pressure) + Low Salt Electrolysis represents a new step forward in the treatment and disinfection of pool water (for both residential and public pools), since it combines the main characteristics and advantages of each of these technologies while mutually correcting their defects, inconveniencies and limitations.

Safety for Your Pool

  • Double disinfection (UVC + in situ chlorine/anodic oxidation).
  • Increased capacity to eliminate chloramines (UVC + Cathodic reduction)
  • This technology is sustainable due to the savings in water and energy. No longer is there a need to flush out the filters, simply to reduce (dilute) the concentration of chloramines.
  • This is a valuable synergetic treatment, as it has oxidative power with a residual effect.
  • It completely avoids the need to add salt or chlorated products (hypochlorite, chlorine tablets, etc.).


Chemically-Balanced Water

The formation of limescale deposits in the pool is due to the precipitation of calcium and magnesium in the water, in the form of carbonates and hydroxides. There are several factors that affect this phenomenon: total water hardness (total concentration of calcium and magnesium in the water), pH, total alkalinity, temperature and total dissolved solids (TDS). The tendency of the water to form lime scale, or, on the other hand, its corrosive potential, can be determined by its SATURATION INDEX (Langelier).