LP UV Polar Series

LP UV Polar Series

High technology in UV disinfection


POLAR-10 | POLAR-14 | POLAR-25 | POLAR-21


Polar | Controller pH-ORP integrated

  • UV treatment systems with low-pressure lamps, suitable for use in private pools with flow rates of up to 30 m³/h and doses of 30 mJ/cm².
  • Reactor vessel made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel, Ø 200mm
  • Available in versions with integrated pH/ORP controller and flow switch.
Starting from: 
1,795.00 €
todos los modelos: 
CODe MODEL flow PRice*
POLAR-10 UV SYSTEM 48 W up to 10 m³/h 1,795.00
POLAR-14 UV SYSTEM 56 W up to 14 m³/h 2,050.00
POLAR-25 UV SYSTEM 90 W up to 25 m³/h 2,469.00
POLAR-30 UV SYSTEM 150 W up to 30 m³/h 3,014.00

CODe MODEL flow PRice*
POLAR-10+ UV SYSTEM 48 W + PH/ORP up to 10 m³/h 3.109,00
POLAR-14+ UV SYSTEM 56 W + PH/ORP up to 14 m³/h 3,363.00
POLAR-25+ UV SYSTEM 90 W + PH/ORP up to 25 m³/h 3,782.00
POLAR-30+ UV SYSTEM 150 W + PH/ORP up to 30 m³/h 4,327.00

*Prices in EURO, VAT or other taxes not included

Control Panel
tabla fuente alimentacion: 
Description POLAR 10-14 POLAR 20-25 POLAR 10-14+ POLAR 20-25+
Flow 10 - 14 m³/h 20 -25 m³/h 10 -14 m³/h 20 - 25 m³/h
Control pH/ORP No No Yes Yes
Material Polyethylene
Pressure 3 bar
Temperature 2 ... 40ºC
Line connection Female thread 2"
Input voltage 230 Vac, 50-60 Hz.
Rated 48 W - 56 W 75 W - 90 W 48 W - 56 W 75 W - 90 W
Potentia UV-C 13 W - 18 W 25 W - 30 W 13 W - 18 W 25 W - 30 W
Flow detector Optional Optional Yes Yes
Timer / Ignitions Yes
Lamp "ON" indicator Yes
Temperature sensor Optional
Comunication (Modbus) No
Poolstation compatible No
tabla controlador ph, orp: 
Description POLAR+
Measure range 0.0 ... 9.9 pH | 0 ... 999 mV (ORP)
Control range 7.0 ... 7.8 pH | 600 ... 850 mV (ORP)

± 0.1 pH | ± 1 mV (ORP)

Calibration Automatic with calibration solution
Control outputs (pH) One output 230 Vac/500 mA máx. (dosing pump connection)
pH | ORP sensors Epoxy body 12 x 150 mm., 0-80ºC, range 0-12 pH | 0-1000 mV (ORP)
  Display of system information UV   Display of water pH or ORP

  Lamp alarm   Display of the pH or ORP setpoint
  INFO Key (Service Life (hours) and ignitions)   Key for pH or ORP setpoint programming
  Alarm   Calibration key
        Indication led of the product in dosage
        Indication Led of anomalous pH or MV value: high / low


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