SPA Salt-Water Electrolysis... Relax and Enjoy.

Enjoy the massage, IDEGIS Spa will look after you

Self-cleaning salt-water electrolysis systems for use in private spas and mini-pools up to 20 m³. With their small size and IP65-class sealing, these are specially designed for use in spas and mini-pools. Remote control panel with cable connection (5m) included as standard.

Easy Installation

Our domestic range of salt-water electrolysis systems can be installed in-line or in the bypass pipe of the main outlet, but always after the filter. If the cell is installed in the bypass, a valve must be added to regulate the flow through it. The inlet and outlet of the cell which contains the electrodes can be glued directly to 63-mm diameter PVC piping. If the piping is made of another material, consult an authorised IDEGIS distributor, especially if the tubes are metallic.

Self-Cleaning Systems

All of our electrolysis systems include an automatic system that prevents the build-up of lime scale in the electrolysis cell, guaranteeing maintenance-free operation throughout the useful life of the set of electrodes.

The History of this Technology

The electrolysis of sodium chloride (salt) to produce sodium hypochlorite “on site” is one the oldest electrochemical processes in the chemical industry. On-site electrogeneration of sodium hypochlorite solution became important due to two industrial applications that used sea water as the raw material (zero-cost raw material). One of these was the treatment of the cooling circuits of electrical generating stations close to the sea, and the other was the cooling circuits of large transatlantic liners (especially those that sailed in tropical waters). In both cases, the cooling circuits became blocked after a certain time, due to the accumulation of sea-weed, molluscs and other marine organisms. Keeping a concentration of 1 to 10 ppm of hypochlorite in the circuit, by electrolysis of the sea water, is an effective way to prevent the growth of these organisms.