A safe, economical and effective way to keep your pool under control.

Treatment systems for private and commercial pools

Until now, controlling the quality of the water required expensive investment in equipment to manage the sanitisation of the pool and in training maintenance personnel. Now, with IDEGIS regulators, the water quality can be controlled effectively and safely. Our range of regulators has been designed to meet the specific needs involved in chemical control and sanitisation of pools, both private and public, without requiring specialised personnel. .

The professional choice for control and dosing

IDEGIS regulators use completely digital technology to provide the highest levels of safety and efficiency, and the possibility of updating them as new improvements are developed in the future.

Selection Guide

IDEGIS undoubtedly offers the most complete range of intelligent controllers for the monitoring and treatment of pools, both private and commercial. Our products range from the compact 200 Series controllers to the most advanced multiparametric control panels of the 300 Series

A truly open technology

The possibilities of our family of controllers are practically unlimited, since all of our products have been designed to be connected via the MODBUS communications protocol, allowing easy integration of third-party products, as this open network protocol is one of the most widely used in the market. In addition, all of our controllers are compatible with our 200 Series Poolstation Control Domotic platform.

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