Low Salt Electrolysis, the ecological treatment for community pools

Treatment Systems for Commercial Pools

Operates at low salt concentrations (less than 2 grams/litre). Our Low Salt technology is increasingly used in spas, hotels, public swimming pools and sports centres, due to its cost-effectiveness. It eliminates risks, optimises resources and offers increased quality to users.

Experience and Professionalism

This experience has allowed us to successfully undertake the design and manufacture of electrolysis systems for all types of installation.

EX LS Series Electrodes

EX electrodes are the authentic heart of our industrial electrolysis systems, providing extreme durability in self-cleaning systems.

Save on Maintenance

The incorporation of Low Salt systems leads to net savings in the running costs of a public installation of 50-60%, compared with traditional systems, allowing the installation to be amortised in under three years.Save water.

Invest in safety

Avoid the risks of transport, handling and dosing of large volumes of highly-toxic compounds. Unfortunately, a certain number of accidents occur as a result of the formation of toxic clouds of chlorine gas generated by improper handling or mixing of sodium hypochlorite. Salt-water electrolysis systems do not require storage, handling or dosing of any chemical compound.

By Caring for the Environment, Everyone Wins

The environment benefits from the significant daily water savings, due to the non-production of residual cyanuric acid. Gain in cost-effectiveness and savings. Gain by providing a quality service with the maximum health guarantees and a responsible use of water.

High performance for: spas, sports clubs, public swimming pools, hotels, etc...